copy Excellent Adventures in Egypt

Enter here to share Joni's adventures living and working in Cairo courtesy of the U.S. Fulbright cultural exchange program. Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and test of our civilization. - Mahatma Ghandi


Last Saturday I went to the Egyptian museum - I had been in Egypt an entire week and not see a single Pharaonic artifact, horrors! Great people-watching that day. This is my favorite picture from the afternoon. I wandered around inside hoping to visit old favorites and found an amazing number of items out on exhibition in other parts of the world - a lot of them in Denver. (Sigh.) If the stately, mysterious Anubis from Tutankhamen's tomb is in the Quest for Immortality exhibit now at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, please drool over him for me, won't you? Posted by Hello


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