copy Excellent Adventures in Egypt

Enter here to share Joni's adventures living and working in Cairo courtesy of the U.S. Fulbright cultural exchange program. Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and test of our civilization. - Mahatma Ghandi


On Sunday (which is Monday here, work-wise) I met Dr. Eman Helmy, my faculty advisor and partner, at the Faculty (college, to us). The Faculty has a gorgeous location, right at the tip of Manial on the Island of Roda, the other island in the middles of the Nile. The picture above is taken from the Yacht Club dining area across the Nile to the West. (What was I doing at the Yacht Club? Keep reading…) Classes don't start for another week, so not a lot of students were around. The students who were on campus were typical of college students everywhere, chattering and giggling as they scurried around catching up on one another’s’ news. I didn't get pictures of any students, but here are some pix of the Faculty grounds. Posted by Hello


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