copy Excellent Adventures in Egypt

Enter here to share Joni's adventures living and working in Cairo courtesy of the U.S. Fulbright cultural exchange program. Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and test of our civilization. - Mahatma Ghandi


The view across the street from the guest bedroom. Note the varying shades of green shutters (they are truly kelly green, not turquoise). They're really all the same color: the tawny hue is derived from dust - thicker the dust, deeper the hue. My great success today was locating and purchasing a masaH (mop), gardal (bucket) and ma`shshaa (broom). Funny how the Arabic words take on more meaning once you have lugged said items home through hot and dusty streets in the middle of a stifling afternoon. But now the apartment sparkles again, compliments of the sitt bayti (that would be me). Posted by Hello


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