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Enter here to share Joni's adventures living and working in Cairo courtesy of the U.S. Fulbright cultural exchange program. Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and test of our civilization. - Mahatma Ghandi


The Mediterranean from my hotel room in Alex, just because it’s such a scrumptious view. With all these talks and my work with Helwan, I have been extraordinarily busy. The Faculty now seems genuinely interested in the idea of inserting sustainability modules into existing classes - I finally got a copy of the curriculum after only 8 months - in English, even! And the chair of the Tourism Guidance program seems committed to creating a naturalist/interpretation guidance program (with associated licensing) at the Masters/Diploma level. Since he is (a) the Tourism representative on the Supreme Council for universities; (b) likely to become Dean of the Faculty next fall (a return stint); and (c) is best buddies with the current Minister of Education (who use to be Prez of Helwan U.), he is uniquely situated to actually get something done. One complicating factor on the naturalist guidance side are the locals: so far, nature guides are being drawn from local folks who have existing knowledge about the natural environment in their area, with training efforts focused on helping them build basic skills around leading tours (language, time management, managing people, first aid, etc.) Both Eman and I think that these folks need to be part of the future for Egypt - they provide such an authentic voice for Egypt and the jobs are badly need to combat poverty. So we are trying to sort through two different systems for licensing guides, one at the university level and another at the technical/professional level. This week I’ll be doing several workshops at Helwan. Tonight is a recruiting mission for the Fulbright program - the application period for the Egyptian student exchange program has just opened. Tomorrow morning I’ll be meeting with some faculty to talk about teaching methods (we’ll see if anyone shows up) and in the evening I’m joining Eman’s Masters’ course on Tourism Planning for a discussion of tourism and zoos.  Posted by Hello


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